In this page, you will be able to find the information of IICS qualifiers.

Information of IICS qualifiers will be updated every time after the results is released.  


IICS 3.3 Personnel Reviewing Welding Procedures & Welder Certifications

(* Name sorted according to alphabet order)

No  Name
Certification No. Country Reside
1.      Ahmad Hafidzzuddin Bin Bazin COP3.3-1010 Malaysia
2.   Allan Arquillo Garcia COP3.3-1016 Philippines


Annie Maylyn Yap Febiar

COP3.3-1001 Philippines
4. Azhar Bin Abdul Mutalib COP3.3-1006 Malaysia
5. Azzad Anuar COP3.3-1011 Malaysia
6. Billy Chooi COP3.3-1007 Malaysia
7. Fakhrullah Ghazali COP3.3-1008 Malaysia
8. Fatthie Khairullah Hishyam Rabie COP3.3-1017 Malaysia
9. Ho Xiao Khong COP3.3-1012 Malaysia
10. How Han Leong COP3.3-1002 Malaysia
11. Ir. Hj. Mohd Khoushaini Bin Mohd Naim COP3.3-1013 Malaysia
12. Koh Jian Yang COP3.3-1018 Malaysia
13. Lee Jun Yang COP3.3-1019 Malaysia
14. Lee Sing Kwai COP3.3-1014 Malaysia
15. Ling Hie Kwong COP3.3-1003 Malaysia
16. Mohamad Nor Alif Bin Rosli COP3.3-1009 Malaysia
17. Michel Mering COP3.3-1020 Malaysia
18. Muhammad Amirul Bin Abdul Rahman COP3.3-1004 Malaysia
19. Nik Faizaleman bin Othman COP3.3-1021 Malaysia
20. Samuel Soon Aik Yong COP3.3-1015 Malaysia
21. Suhaize Bin Moridan COP3.3-1005 Malaysia



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