In this page, you will be able to find the information of IICS qualifiers.

Information of IICS qualifiers will be updated every time after the results is released.  

IICS 1.4 Certified Leak & Pressure Testing Personnel

(* Name sorted according to alphabet order)

Certification No. Country Reside
1. Mohd Ikhwan Bin Mohammad Noh COP1.4-1001 Malaysia
2. Mohd Zulfahmi Mifdhal Juhari COP1.4-1002 Malaysia
3. Muhamad Khumaini Bin Kuzaiman COP1.4-1003 Malaysia
4. Muhammad Sharifuddin Sudirman COP1.4-1004 Malaysia
5. Muhammad Siddiq Hilmy Bin Zulkahar COP1.4-1005 Malaysia



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